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Volunteers Uniform Revealed For FIFA Russia

Volunteers Uniform Revealed For FIFA Russia

As any host country would, Russia has also announced a uniform for their volunteers who would be largely involved behind the scenes of such a grand event. On April 30th, they unveiled an eye candy uniform which all 17,040 volunteers will wear once the event commences, come June 14th.

The volunteers all belong to Local Organizing Committee and uniforms have been developed by none other than Adidas, who happens to be FIFA’s partner. The unveiling came at Ekaterinburg Football Park. From among the group of volunteers, volunteers wore the outfit and runaway was organized for the general public.

The special guest was 1998 France World Cup winner Michael Desailly. The legend literally uplifted the atmosphere and mood of the attendees. Legend also shared his feedback on the newly unveiled uniforms and met the volunteers in person.

He was of the opinion that the designers have carried out an outstanding job with the uniforms and that the elements of FIFA World Cup have been beautifully integrated into the uniforms. During the matches, if any assistance is required by the crowd, they can (with these uniforms) be easily identified.

The kit is made up of t-shirt, jacket, trainers, baseball, cap, and trousers etc. After the event has concluded, the uniforms are to remain with the volunteering individuals as a souvenir from FIFA. Since the 1970s, FIFA is in partnership with Adidas and this is not their first time designing uniforms for the football body.

They previously did it for the Confederations Cup last year, which was too held in Russia.

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