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Underdogs to cause an upset in this year’s World Cup 2018

Underdogs to cause an upset in this year's World Cup 2018

There was a time where we witnessed where Germany beating Argentina in the world cup final back in the year 2014. The crowd comprised of 75,000 fans and it was the upset came (Argentina losing) during the most esteemed tournament of football which occurs every 4 years.

This year before the matches begin on 14th June, let us take a look at some teams which may cause upsets during the tournaments.

It could be Saudi Arabia because many believe that the Green Falcons have it in them to cause an upset to any notable team in the tournament. They haven’t been able to capitalize much in the past but this year, mathematically speaking they can do so since they are fall in the easiest group of the tournament and can shock the world by coming through.

Then there is a chance that Nigeria could be one of the underdogs which can pull of a stunner! in 2014 they made it to the knockout round but were taken out by France so they had 4 years to plan and plot and exact their revenge. Super Eagles will face Argentina, Iceland, and Croatia in the group stage. Only Argentina appears to be the tougher opponent at this time for them.

The host, Russia (not exactly underdogs) but they have the home ground advantage. The team is less on star players and in the past have not achieved much. While many don’t have high hopes for the team (them winning) but they may surprise everyone this year since streaks are meant to be broken; be it a losing one.


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