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Roma president fumes at referee after Liverpool loss

Roma president “James Pallotta” Fumed at the refereeing decisions made in the semi-finals of Champions League.

Having lost the first leg 5-2 at Anfield, the Serie A side could not quite do enough to turn things around at home as they only managed to win 4-2.

In the second half, a strong penalty appeal was turned down by the referee when the ball hit Trent Alexander Arnold’s arm in front of goal.

Eden Dzeko was flagged for offside by the Liverpool goalkeeper. A replay cleared things by proving Eden was in line.

“It is very clear VAR is needed in the Champions League because you just can’t let stuff like this happen,” said Pallotta.

He further said ” You can all look at it yourself. Dzeko wasn’t offside and he gets stopped by goalie; the 63rd minute was a handball that was obvious to the world but not to the refs. These things affect a match badly and the real winner is overshadowed”.

“I know it is difficult to referee but it is really embarrassing that we lose on aggregate like that.

“By the way, it should have been a red card which would have been 10 men in the 63rd minute.

Liverpool is undoubtedly a great team and they deserve to move forward or even win the championship but if VAR is not introduced in Champions League, things like these will happen and the real winner will get stray down due to bad decisions.

VAR must be in the Champions League, said the sports director Monchi, “Congratz to Liverpool, but its necessary to analyze what actually happened.”

“There were two very clear penalties that were missed tonight and that changed everything, and in the first leg, they scored an offside goal.



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