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Gomez To Miss Out On Champions League Final and the World Cup

joe gomez to miss out on the UEFA champions league final

joe gomez to miss out on the UEFA champions league final

Dark clouds seem to be pouring in from all places for Liverpool as the Reds face another shocking blow – only this time, it’s Joe Gomez who will be going out of action due to his ankle surgery.

England’s star footballer and defender for Liverpool FC, Joe Gomez has performed wonderfully throughout the season but will miss out on a lot of things, including the game against Brighton this Sunday, and the most important game of the season – the final of the UEFA Champions League as well as the World Cup Russia 2018.

The issue was a persisting one because it all began in March when the 20-year old injured himself in a game against the Netherlands. He never could recover after that for the clashes against West Brom and Stoke City.  Gomez limped his way through those matches but he’s now been forced to face the music.

The Liverpool defender was pretty impressive in his 23 games he played in the season, even contributing to Liverpool’s advance to the final of the Champions League.

For England, Gomez played Brazil in November, then played 45 minutes against Germany before he played the Netherlands for just 10 minutes where he got that aforementioned ankle injury.

The loss seems to have made things harder for Liverpool who is already dealing with the loss of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain due to his knee injury and Adam Lallana because of his hamstring issue. To make matters worse for them, Joel Matip and Emre Can might miss out on the final as well.

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