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Gamers Requested EA Sports To Add Nigerian Team In FIFA 2018 Update

EA Sports recently announced that it is rolling out FIFA 2018 World Cup content for the players that’ll give them a realistic gameplay experience as FIFA’s official elements would be in the game such as authentic teams, FIFA 2018 Ball, stadiums, Kits, badges, etc. This download would be available by May 29th for all the major platforms.

As soon as FIFA gamers got to know about this news, they started requesting EA Sports to also include Nigerian Team too in their update pack as Nigeria is already set to compete in the Group D against Iceland, Argentina, and Croatia.

@EASPORTSFIFA please include Nigeria in Fifa 19 or with the new World Cup package for FIFA 18. Thank you very much. From an avid FIFA lover.

— OvieOO (@OvieOO) April 30, 2018

This uncertainty among gamers is stemmed from the fact that currently, there’s a dispute going on between Nigerian Football Federation and FIFA as to who has the right to lead NFF. There has been a lot of internal disputes between the Nigerian parties as they all want their stronghold on NFF which has caused a great disturbance as one party filed a petition claiming their right to lead NFF.

Y’all just make sure nigeria is in the game

— Wale Shelby (@walleee99) April 30, 2018

During all this legal tussle, World Football governing body was compelled to address this issue and threatened Nigerian Football Team a worldwide ban if these issues are not settled. Although the case is being dealt with great considerations, but still fans are in a state of limbo and are unsure whether Nigerian Team would be playing in this Football World Cup 2018, moreover, would the EA Sports latest update have Nigerian Team or not?

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