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Champions League over Golden Boot Is What Matters To Mo Salah

salah aiming for champions league

salah aiming for champions league

Salah, the Egyptian footballer, and star of team Liverpool, has made it clear what matters the most to him at the moment, and it’s not the Golden Boot

Liverpool superstar is hyped up for the semi-finals this week and so is his team. While his personal record seems pretty solid at the moment and while he’s more likely to win the Golden Boot than Kane or Aguero, he says what he’s more thrilled about is the idea of Liverpool winning the Champions League for the sixth time.

While Salah struck for the 30th now in the past 3-0 game at the Anfield earning a lead against Kane, he feels Tottenham still has five games while they have four so it’s going to be interesting how this turns out. He didn’t try being modest and admitted the Golden Boot is in fact in his head but that’s not at the top of it. In fact, it’s the Champions League trophy.

Mo Salah will undergo the ultimate throwback when he plays Roma this week in the semifinals and if would be great to see him playing against his former side with the fans gazing at the star performer only hoping he doesn’t score this time.

The Liverpool footballer is just seven goals short of equalizing Ian Rush’s record of 47 goals.  He

“I am happy to have this feeling. You feel they want to support you and want to help y believes in his team and has said the team tries to pass the ball to him so he could score” and that gives him a good feeling.


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